Community Workshop:
Next-generation HPC workflows for natural hazards

Barcelona, 13 September 2023

New publication:
Toward Matrix Multiplication for Deep Learning Inference on the Xilinx Versal

ESiWACE3 hackathon:
HPC workflows for climate models

Espoo, 17 October 2023

ESiWACE3 hackathon: HPC workflows for climate models

ESiWACE3 hackathon: HPC workflows for climate models

In collaboration with ESiWACE3 and Climateurope 2 projects, the community workshop titled "HPC workflows for climate models" aims to find synergies between the eFlows4HPC and the climate community from the above mentioned projects. This free one-day workshop is...

Innovative HPC workflows for industry

Innovative HPC workflows for industry

The workshop titled “ Innovative HPC workflows for industry” aims to bring together scientists and industrial experts in the manufacturing sector such as companies, spin-offs, start-ups, etc. This workshop will take place at the incubator Munich Urban Colab...


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Creating a European workflow platform to enable the design of complex applications that integrate HPC processes, data analytics and artificial intelligence

Eflows4HPC workflow platform

Developing methodologies to widen the access to HPC to selected user communities

Demonstrating new workflow technologies through manufacturing, climate and urgent computing for natural hazards use cases