Enabling dynamic and Intelligent workflows
in the future EuroHPC ecosystem

Demonstrating the eFlows4HPC workflow software stack through use cases of three application Pillars: manufacturing, climate, and urgent computing for natural hazards.

Creating a European workflow platform to enable the design of complex applications that integrate HPC processes, data analytics and artificial intelligence

Developing methodologies to widen the access to HPC to selected user communities

Demonstrating new workflow technologies through manufacturing, climate and urgent computing for natural hazards use cases

FAIRification put into practice Workshop

FAIRification put into practice Workshop

The eFlows4HPC coordinator Rosa M. Badia presents the project at the FAIRification put into practice – a joint workshop by EERAdata and the EERA tJP ‘Digitalization for Energy’ on Tuesday 12 October.


Now you can visualized the recording of our Live Demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkruUHAaleA
Accesses to the different phases of the Live Demo have been marked for quick access to your preferred section.
Thanks for the interest!!! @Cheese_CoE @Cineca1969 @InfoUMA @INGVterremoti @eFlows4HPC https://twitter.com/JorgeMACSAN/status/1462848467685019654

Jorge Macías Sánchez@JorgeMACSAN

Really successful @Cheese_CoE Live Demo today thanks to @Cineca1969 and @carlos7sanchez not only computing on-the-fly but solving problems on-the-fly. 68 dedicated nodes-272 @nvidia V100 GPUs 570 numerical simulations in 7 minutes and Alert Levels available in 1 MINUTE. Good job!

Today and tomorrow first @eFlows4HPC General Assembly meeting being virtual. This afternoon Pillar III on Natural Hazards presentations @INGVterremoti @InfoUMA @InfoNGI @BSC_CNS @EdanyaUMA