about eflows4HPC objectives

Enabling dynamic and Intelligent workflows for HPC,
Data Analytics and AI Convergence

Demonstrating the eFlows4HPC workflow software stack through use cases of three application Pillars: manufacturing, climate, and urgent computing for natural hazards.

Enabling dynamic and Intelligent workflows
in the future EuroHPC ecosystem

Creating a European workflow platform to enable the design of complex applications that integrate HPC processes, data analytics and artificial intelligence

Eflows4HPC workflow platform

Developing methodologies to widen the access to HPC to selected user communities

Demonstrating new workflow technologies through manufacturing, climate and urgent computing for natural hazards use cases

Keynote at Euro-Par 2022

Domenico Talia, Professor of Computer Engineering, DIMES of the University of Calabria is delivering the keynote speech at the international conference on parallel and distributed computing, Euro-Par 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. Exascale computing systems as the next...

3rd Workshop on RISC-V and OpenPOWER in HPC

Eflows4HPC took place in this half day workshop aimed at creating awareness and engagement around open-source initiatives, specifically Open Architectures. It included three sessions, two of which included technical presentations on RISC V and OpenPower architectures...


Thank you to everyone involved from @eFlows4HPC for the very insightful workshop on Wednesday last week! It provided a great overview of individual components, and it was quite impressive to see your software stack in action.💪

#workshop #workflow #softwarestack

And now @lezzidan provides an overview of the workflow and data architecture that will optimize the high-performance computing infrastructure usage. W/ @bsc_compss @eFlows4HPC