On this page you can find all project-related videos, including short overview videos, presentations, talks, trainings, and demos.  You can also visit the dedicated project playlist on YouTube.

The eFlows4HPC proposes the HPC Workflow as a Service (HPCWaaS) methodology which tries to apply the usage model of the Functions as a Service (FaaS) in Cloud environments to the workflows for HPC systems.

The integration of Kratos Multiphysics in latest ROM (Reduced Order Model) Inference demonstration. This video provides an in-depth look at the implementation and validation of non-intrusive ROM workflows, emphasizing the capabilities of Kratos in complex object prototyping for Industry 4.0. Experience the advanced 3D ROM Model Validation and the synergy between Kratos Multiphysics and non-intrusive ROM approaches.

This video shows developers and final users how to implement, deploy and execute a workflow using the eFlows4HPC Methodologies. In particular, the workflow implements the generation of a Reduced-Order Model (ROM) from training data generated from Full Order Model (FOM) simulations.

This video shows how the eFlows4HPC tools have been used to deploy and execute a workflow in an HPC infrastructure. In particular, the use-case that has been shown is this demo is the probabilistic tsunami forecast workflow that predicts the effects of a tsunami in a certain region.

Dive into our latest demonstration of Malleability in UCIS4EQ (User-Centric Intelligent Services for Earthquake) under the eFlows4HPC initiative. This video highlights the adaptive capabilities of computational models in responding to dynamic requirements during earthquake simulations. It emphasizes the use of malleable computing techniques to adjust computational resources in real-time for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

This presentation delves into the seamless integration of distributed computing resources across multiple sites, enhancing the scalability and flexibility of computational tasks. The focus is on optimizing workflow execution over heterogeneous HPC environments to address complex scientific challenges.

Explore the training of Reduced Order Models (ROM) in our latest High-Performance Computing as a Service (HPCWaaS) demonstration. This video offers a detailed examination of ROM training methodologies using advanced HPC resources. It focuses on the integration of HPC systems with ROM techniques to accelerate simulation processes and enhance predictive accuracy for engineering applications.

This video gives a short overview of the eFlows4HPC project, its main objectives, and multi-disciplinary consortium.