On this page you can find all project-related videos, including short overview videos, presentations, talks, trainings, and demos.

This video shows developers and final users how to implement, deploy and execute a workflow using the eFlows4HPC Methodologies. In particular, the workflow implements the generation of a Reduced-Order Model (ROM) from training data generated from Full Order Model (FOM) simulations.

This video shows how the eFlows4HPC tools have been used to deploy and execute a workflow in an HPC infrastructure. In particular, the use-case that has been shown is this demo is the probabilistic tsunami forecast workflow that predicts the effects of a tsunami in a certain region.

This video gives a short overview of the eFlows4HPC project, its main objectives, and multi-disciplinary consortium.

Rosa Badia, PI of Eflows4HPC, gives an overview of the development and execution of workflows in the project. Rosa talks about the need to provide tools for the development of complex
workflows that include HPC modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence components and big data.Opening keynote speech at the 21st International Symposium on Parallel & Distributed Computing at Basel, June 2021



In this video, you can watch the full invited talk and eFlows4HPC presentation of our coordinator Rosa M. Badia at the ScaDL 2021 workshop in May 2021.

Watch the full recording of the eFlows4HPC keynote speech of our coordinator Rosa M. Badia at the GECON2021 conference that took place in September 2021.