Pillar I - Manufacturing
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Design of the Pillar 1 Use Cases

Digital twins in manufacturing

Eflows4HPC contributes to the use of workflows in the development of Digital Twins in manufactured projects.The Eflows4HPC team leverages the expressiveness of the PyCOMPSs programming model by combining the concurrent, although not trivially parallelizable, tasks that are needed in the construction of the engineering workflow. Using state-of-the-art workflow management system ensures that the Pillar workflow can effectively take advantage of large-scale computing systems, thus removing existing bottlenecks in terms of computational time and available system memory.

The availability of a reliable deployment pipeline for the developed software guarantees that project outcomes can be effectively packaged and deployed on a variety of test systems, thus greatly enhancing the potential impact of the newly created twins.

Other use cases

Urgent computing

Pillar III - Urgent computing for natural hazards


Pillar II - Climate