Urgent computing

Pillar III - Urgent computing for natural hazards
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Description of the Use Cases for Pillar III

Urgent computing for natural hazards

Earthquakes and tsunamis are unpredictable and devastating events that can have catastrophic socioeconomic impacts. Urgent Computing (UC) for Natural Hazards emerged thanks to rapid increases in computational power, new technologies developed for data monitoring systems and advanced analytical techniques. UC links High Performance Computing , state-of-the-art simulation codes, readily available data and High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) to provide insights into the impacts and potential damages immediately following an extreme event. 

Developing UC workflows for earthquakes and tsunamis involves deploying advanced tools and complex tasks to ultimately bring them to an operational level. UC workflows take advantage of the eFlows4HPC software stack to improve technology and provide fast solutions for mitigating the effects of potentially catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis.

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