Workflow platform

The eFlows4HPC project is deploying a European workflow platform. This platform facilitates the creation of complex applications by integrating High-Performance Computing (HPC) processes, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. It aims to streamline the use of HPC resources, ensuring they are utilized easily, efficiently, and responsibly. Additionally, the platform enhances the accessibility and reusability of applications, ultimately reducing the time required to find solutions.


The project has built an HPC Workflow as a Service (HPCWaaS) platform to facilitate the reusability of complex workflows in federated HPC infrastructure. It provides methodologies and tools that enable sharing and reuse of existing workflows and that assist when adapting workflow templates to create new workflow instances.

Below is a detailed schema of the software stack of the eFlows4HPC project. These stack describes the distribution of the workflows and timeline of HPC oriented software definition, execution and deployment.

The HPCWaaS platform and the eFlows4HPC software stack are validated by use cases organised in three pillars which represent the main sectors that the project targets.