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Managing complex workflows with our first software stack release

Date: March 30, 2022

First release of a set of integrated components to allow users to build and manage complex workflows. It provides the integration of TOSCA, PyCOMPs and Data Logistic Pipelines.

Following the European Commission Open Source Software Strategy 2020-2023 to further encourage and leverage the transformative, innovative and collaborative potential of open source, eflows4HPC made available a dedicated software page on its project website, that includes both the documentation of the software as well as the open-source code of the new developed software in a dedicated GitHub repository

The first release includes a set of integrated components to allow users to build and manage complex workflows. From the development perspective, the release provides the integration of TOSCA, PyCOMPSs and Data Logistic Pipelines to enable the automation of the different workflow phases such as deployment, execution and data management. Another important feature included in the release is the implementation a python decorator which provides a common interface to easily integrate different types of computations (HPC, DA, ML) in a single workflow. Finally, this release also includes the first version of HPCWaaS methodology which leverages the different eFlows4HPC components to facilitate the deployment and usage of complex workflows in HPC infrastructures” 

It is important to share our software solutions to increase outreach within new potential communities that might be out of the project scope. With this relsease we are also disseminating the EC produced software.

Rosa M. Badia, eflows4HPC coordinator and manager of the Workflows and Distributed computing group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).