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Revolutionizing industry with innovative HPC workflows

Date: October 31, 2023

The third edition of the eFlows4HPC workshop titled “Innovative HPC Workflows for Industry” organized at the German incubator Munich Urban Colab in Munich (Germany) pretended to bridge the gap between HPC and industry. Distinguished speakers both from academia and industry emphasized the importance of aligning computational power with practical scientific and industrial applications. Representatives from the project partner Siemens also shared how they plan to integrate the developed eFlows4HPC workflows into their operations for the manufacturing sector. This training event raised the interest of over 30 registered participants from academia and industry.

“This third workshop showcased how cutting-edge HPC workflows can be integrated into industrial operations revolutionizing processes, enhancing productivity and driving innovation”, says Stefan Boschert from Siemens, eFlows4HPC consortium member and local host of the third edition of the eFlows4HPC workshop.

Stefan Boschert (Siemens) during the 3rd edition of the eFlows4HPC workshop, 25 October 2023

This training and technology transfer event gathered the attention of more than 30 registered participants, including experts from spin-offs and automotive companies, other European initiatives, and students from the Technical University of Munich.