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eFlows4HPC contributes to develop complex workflows for earthquakes

Date: January 28, 2022

 eflows4HPC supports the HPC CoE ChEESE by developing complex workflows for the geoscience community, in particular, for earthquakes.

During last week, the ChEESE organized a live demo of the UCIS4EQ User Portal, an interface that has a particular interest for earthquakes experts. Thanks to the collaboration with the eflows4HPC project, the interface provides information to monitor the status of the service and to examine the final results.

The UCIS4EQ User Portal is underneath powered by the UCIS4EQ workflow, which is being further developed in eFlows4HPC with the technologies provided by the project. The UCIS4EQ workflow enables to predict the impact of an earthquake right after the event has happen by using supercomputers. Between other advances, the PyCOMPSs environment has been further developed at eFlows4HPC to support the orchestration of the microservices involved in the UCIS4EQ workflow.

“eFlows4HPC is a great asset for ChEESE that will help to create adaptive workflows for the geoscience community where urgent computing is key”, says Rosa M. Badia, eFlows4HPC project coordinator.