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Rooting for inclusion in the HPC community

Date: September 14, 2021

We at eFlows4HPC take pride in doing our bit to support the equality and diversity values in the community. Following the mission of the European Commission, we find different ways to contribute to the inclusion and fair treatment in research in general and the HPC field in particular.

Some of our strongest assets in that aspect are the pursuits of our coordinator, Rosa M. Badia from BSC. Apart from being one of the influential female figures in HPC, Rosa has also had a life-long activity in advocating for the importance of women in science. Some examples of these activities include her TV interview about the work of women in HPC and her dedicated talk on the challenge of the gender issue in HPC during EuroHPC Summit Week 2019.

Most recently, she was on the spotlight for her own achievements by being among the few women and the first Europe-based researcher to receive the HPDC Achievement Award 2021. Rosa was also elected as an ACM Europe Councilor in 2021 and won the Euro-Par Award in 2019.

Rosa is not alone in rooting for these values, as our eFlows4HPC partners are also strong supporters of diversity and inclusion as well as aware of their social responsibility for actions that benefit the whole of the society. Each one of them have established clear policies on these issues, as underlined through their media channels and activities. Find out about our individual partner policies on this page.

Finally, we aim to launch a Women in STEM interview series to feature some of the female researchers in eFlows4HPC and to highlight not only their work in the project but also their experience and motivation in studying and following a career in the STEM fields. Stay tuned!